Too many people applying to live in one house

States have their own laws on how many people can live in a house, so if you’re applying to rent a one-bedroom apartment with a large family, that could be a roadblock.

For example, in Ohio most judges will rule that only two people can live in one-bedroom unit, according to Steven Katz, an experienced attorney in client-tenant law who’s based in Columbus, OH.

“It’s not a hard and fast rule, but in my experience as a landlord and attorney, it’s sort of the benchmark,” he says.

If you’re trying to rent a space and you want more people in the space than allowed, Katz says you need to be able to demonstrate to the landlord or property managers why the space would work for your living situation. For instance, if the bedrooms are fairly spacious, it could show that more than two people could comfortably live there.”


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