Traffic School Is a Big Industry

A search of business census statistics reveals there are nearly 2,300 companies across the U.S. offering automobile driving and driver education classes. Of course, this isn’t terribly surprising given the thousands of “traffic school” Google listings cluttering up the internet. But how do you know if it’s worth it for someone in your situation?

The first step is to ensure that traffic school will actually help clean up your record and keep you in good graces with your insurance company.

“In many states, you need a court or a judge’s approval before you can take a traffic school or ‘defensive driving’ course,” said Steven Katz, an attorney based in Columbus, Ohio. “That approval, however, essentially comes with a guarantee that the court will waive all or part of your fines and fees, as well as waive the points that would go on your record.”

Katz recommends making a phone call first to your insurance company to verify that taking the course will keep your insurance rates low. And, in fact, he says traffic class is most often worth it.

“Even if the cost of the class is more than what the driver will save in fines and/or insurance premium increases, it may be worth it to the driver to pay the extra money to avoid points on their license,” Katz says.


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