Lawyers resign from Big Law and government service for a variety of reasons: greater autonomy; a more flexible work-life balance; and the ability to set their own billing rates, to name a few. Others may seek greater stability than can be found navigating the cycle between rapid hiring during a rising economy and precipitous layoffs when recession looms.

If your lease provides for a mid-year increase, then yes, your landlord can increase the rent, explains Steven M. Katz, Esq., an attorney in Columbus, Ohio with Katz, Pryor & DiCuccio LLP, who specializes in contract law and landlord-tenant law. But if your lease is silent on this topic, then no, your landlord can’t unilaterally raise your rent.

You may believe you’re not at fault in an accident, but everything you do after the accident, at the scene and beyond, can have an impact on whether you’re compensated. Mr. Katz gives some advice on what information to collect at the accident scene and explains the importance of getting medical treatment from a professional in this article written for Injury Experts.

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A lawsuit filed on the behalf of former Ohio State Buckeye and current Minnesota Viking Jalyn Holmes alleges employees with Lifestyle Communities ‘unlawfully entered’ his leased property and stole some of his personal items.  The lawsuit was filed in Franklin County by the law firm of Katz, Pryor & DiCuccio, LLP.

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Local gyms are opening back up, but what if you are not ready to go back? Are you still obligated to pay your monthly dues?  Mr. Katz gives some insights on the ins and outs of typical gym membership contracts and what they mean in the COVID-19 era in this Washington Post article.

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Mr. Katz fights for a local Vietnam veteran to stay at home with this beloved dog. Read more about this story on ABC6.

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